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Depression is more than just feeling down for a couple of days. It is more than grief or sad feelings when there is a loss. Depression can be from genetic predisposition. It can also be from traumatic events that happened in a person’s past. They can also be due to a relative lack of neurotransmitters or vitamin deficiencies.

Depression can also occur from life transitions. Postpartum depression and anxiety is more common than once believed after the birth of a child. Becoming a caregiver can also incite feelings of being overwhelmed often. The death of a loved one whether expected or unexpected can bring grief that feels insurmountable. The loss of a relationship through divorce or separation can also be daunting.

Please keep in mind that if you suffer from depression, you are not alone. Our providers are well versed in discussing depression with patients, and use a multifaceted approach to help treat depression. Our treatment model encompasses the whole patient, and may include diet and exercise counseling, use of specific vitamins or supplements, counseling, and/or medication as indicated.

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